Bath Fringe Arts Exhibition

Along with our collective Paper Jukebox we recently exhibited at the Bath Fringe Arts Festival. Our first major group exhibition out of London it was a great experience with some very positive feedback and sales!

The exhibition was curated around the theme of TIME “Our exhibition will focus on the mysterious concept of time, exploring how something so intangible forms the structure of our lives. We are curious about how something you cannot see, hear or touch controls our every day…visualize that!”

Queue the music…


The festival was held over several venues across the city of Bath, so we turned up with brushes nails and ladders to a space we had never seen before ready to hang the work! The room was big…



My work focused on the individual moments in time that make a collective difference:

 Life is experienced through a multitude of events, changing the lives for individuals every second, but some events change the lives of millions, these events are so powerful as to define a period. Time is a fluid notion, anchored down and given collective meaning by powerful events.



About Finn O'Brien

Illustrator and creative. Specializing in traditional print and digital media. Part of the Paper Jukebox Collective.
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