Scopophilia (because big words are impressive)

hand drawn women finn O'Brien illustration

Large A2 image - pen and ink drawings

Looking into the theory of Scopophilia (pleasure of looking) and how this effects the way we see people and construct our opinions of them. Most noticeably is the portrayal of women in cinema (particularly early cinema) and magazines. They are objectified as a means of transferring meaning onto them, blank canvases at the mercy of the patriarchal society that we live in. We place our own meaning onto these objectified people. My work is about the idea of equal rights and not to see women as objects but real people, however we can not see past their external representation:

Women aren’t objects, they have names.

But the names are all from a list of the top most popular names in the porn industry. However much we try to change, the system is set that women are carriers of meaning, not givers.



About Finn O'Brien

Illustrator and creative. Specializing in traditional print and digital media. Part of the Paper Jukebox Collective.
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